Shattered Mirrors

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

I step into the
Hall of mirrors
A thousand faces
Look back at me

Each one is different
Some smiling
Others frowning
Many crying

I see all these
Reflections of me
Sliding down to the floor
I ask myself one thing:

Why must some cry?
Why must some frown?
Why must some scowl?
Why must some hate?

I think of what made
These different faces of me
Overwhelmed with emotion
I rise from the ground

Tears falling
I step away to leave
But I am blocked
I can’t find my way

Lost among these masks
I run and scream for help
But all that I see are these
Unforgiving faces of mine

One catches my eye
It’s not angry
Or sad
Or even happy, it seems

It has its eyes closed
It looks peaceful
As I get close
It opens its eyes

Looking at me
I am brought to tears again
It has such a love for life
For me

It tells me
To believe once again
I hesitate
With that, the mirrors break

I am left alone
In the middle of
An empty room
I curl up into myself

I endeavor to feel
I attempt to heal
I try to make a deal
But I cannot feel real

By myself
In this world of shattered mirrors
All that’s left
Is to leave and start again

… Or is it?
Crawling forwards
I scrape together some shards
They come together

If I tried hard enough
Tried long enough
I could…

As I do
I forget
What it was like


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